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The Self-Titled Tour: Newcastle (October 13th)

Yesterday Dua had one more concert of her The Self-Titled Tour. The place was Newcastle. Her outfit was amazing as always. I’ve added 12 professional and non-professional photos in the gallery. Also, I’ve added every performance of Dua Lipa from 2017. Check them out HERE.

tumblr_oxs5vvTM2o1v9gh4vo1_1280.jpg tumblr_oxs677EA4o1ux1bsvo1_1280.jpg tumblr_oxs677EA4o1ux1bsvo2_1280.jpg  tumblr_oxs677EA4o1ux1bsvo3_1280.jpg tumblr_oxsd909a0i1v9gh4vo1_1280.jpg
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