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The Self-Titled Tour: Silver Spring and Nashville

Hello! The Self-Titled Tour has come to an end…for this year. The last two concerts were in Silver Spring, Maryland and Nashville, TN. I’ve managed to add few photos in the gallery, check them out.

tumblr_p06roeYBXe1v9gh4vo1_500.png tumblr_p06qwqEP2b1v9gh4vo2_400.png tumblr_p0aed6P4TC1v9gh4vo1_r1_500.png tumblr_p0aekhZvWz1v9gh4vo1_500.png DP7y588V4AAzFFg.jpg

Concerts & Tours > The Self-Titled Tour (2017) > November 28 – Silver Spring, Maryland
Concerts & Tours > The Self-Titled Tour (2017) > November 30 – Nashville, TN

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