Dua Lipa for Adidas Originals | Original is never finished
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Dua Lipa for Adidas Originals | Original is never finished

It’s still the beginning of 2018 and Dua already participated in a new campaign, called ‘Original is never finished‘! She is the new face of Adidas Originals. I uploaded 6 photos from the photoshoot and you can see a video also.


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Dua Lipa: ‘Like Music…Fashion Can’t Be Forced’
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Dua Lipa: ‘Like Music…Fashion Can’t Be Forced’

If there’s one overarching theme to Dua Lipa’s music, it’s that girl power knows no volume, no rules, and no excuses — and she’ll tell you that through her lyrics. Starting with YouTube covers back in 2009, Lipa would eventually branch out into original material, land herself a record deal, and hit gold with a self-titled debut album. So far, her entire discography can be summed up as a punch that packs electricity and sensitivity, from start to finish — think: less bubblegum, more lipstick wrapped around a cigarette.
Her personal style journey seems to be taking a similar path. While her current aesthetic feels borrowed from the pop icons who came before her (a power bra here, a man’s trouser there), you can see hints of what Lipa’s fashion evolution might look like as she comes into her own. Like rule breakers Madonna or Kylie Minogue, she believes in the liberation of young women, the power in a pair of killer heels, and the significance in making your own wardrobe choices.
“Everyone is allowed to wear whatever the fuck they want, and it’s so important that they do,” Lipa tells me over the phone. She’s currently writing material for her next album. “This is the way we move forward in the world. We have to break the norms. If women wearing womenswear is deemed normal, women wearing menswear should be normal, too. But normality is a tricky one. It’s putting things in a box, and it shouldn’t be like that. Because what is normal, anyway?”
For Lipa, normal is buying her “dream pair” of shoes: Vetements boots, with flames crawling up from their chunky platform, which are already a hit on her Instagram. “Obviously, I can’t wear them every day, or as much as I want to. But my dream boots are always something I could never wear every day; just something I want to put in a glass box and keep forever.” Though she tends prefers shoes she can move in for performing her more upbeat hits like “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “New Rules” (the song that arguably put Lipa on the fashion industry’s radar), when it comes to her off-stage style, the louder, the better.
In terms of growth, her place in the pop zeitgeist may not be as clearly defined as fellow It Brits, such as Charli XCX or Lily Allen. But it’s worth noting that not since the days of Melanie C has pop music seen a newcomer who’s managed to come stateside without ruffling any feathers. The aforementioned pop-rap hybrids are deliciously brash in their lyrics. Lipa’s lines are often more melancholic and raw, possessing a more nuanced stance on things like love and heartache. You could argue that this differentiator is why her debut, self-titled album was so successful, and is backed by over one billion views of her female-dominated music videos on YouTube to prove it.

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All new photos added to the gallery

Hello! I’m sorry for the lack of updates the last few weeks, but I’ve been really busy. I’ve updated the gallery with the newest photos of Dua from Events, Concerts, Photoshoots and ‘The Self-Titled‘ Tour. Check them out below.

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Gallery updates

I’ve been updating the gallery in the last few days, but forgot to make a post about it. I’ve added the latest photoshoots of Dua – for TIME and Buzzfeed. Also, today (17th of October) Dua was pictured out & about in Paris, France hours before her concert. Check out the photos below.

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